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m2® Ratcheting Buckle and Ladder Strap Technologies have diverse applications. If you need to secure, or close anything with micro adjustability and high tensile strength, using mechanical advantage, you’re at the right site. m2® Ratcheting Medical Tourniquets™ save lives.   m2® Ratcheting Padded Click Straps™ are used internationally at the highest levels of athletic competition. m2® Ratcheting Power Straps™ and Ratcheting Padded Loops™ have wide and diverse applications. m2® Ratcheting Buckles and Ladder Straps are available in 0.6”, 0.7″, 0.75”, & 1” configurations and are found in state-of-the-art orthopedic and prosthetic devices. Produced with the highest quality materials and ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.


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m2® is an engineering and production firm specializing in “m2″ ratchet buckles and ladder strap technologies. m2® products are used in adaptive sport, orthotics, prosthetics, and life saving medical care. 25 years experience and lifetime product guarantee; establishes m2® as a world leader in ratchet buckle and ladder strap technologies. Learn more about m2® Inc...

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