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Testing Equipment

A variety of sensors, test rigs and data acquisitions devices are utilized regularly in our engineering testing and evaluation process.

New RMT® Prototype on the Hapmed Leg Trainer

      We are continually fabricating and testing new products and materials.  Constantly pushing the envelope and progressing forward with new and innovative designs.  Shown above is a prototype utilizing a different webbing material being tested on the Hapmed Leg.

RMT® Pressure Testing Results 

     Application pressure testing was performed on 6 different RMT® models.   These results are from the Hapmed Leg and neonatal blood pressure cuff with a gas pressure sensor and data acquisition device.

Tensile Testing of Ladder Straps and buckles

      Extensive testing is preformed on various models of ratcheting buckles and different Ladder Strap materials, using a Test Resources M1000 system.  Our custom test rig was designed and fabricated to test Ladder Strap and ratcheting buckle assembly.   All tests were performed in displacement control mode  (0.25 in / min).  Load, time and distance were recorded.  The results from these tests are shown below:

Averaged results for force and displacement for each of the four material straps.

Load Testing of RMT®

       Testing is preformed on various RMT® models, using a Test Resources M1000 system.  A custom test rig was designed and fabricated to test the  RMT® models.

500 lb Load Test on the Tactical RMT®

A 500 lbs test was preformed  on the Tactical RMT® model, using a Test Resources M1000 system.  There was absolutely no failures and no slipping or skipping of the ladder strap teeth.

Coated Ring Webbing Slip Tension Test

(September 2017)

A Tension test was preformed on texture coated rings of two different sizes, using a Tinius Olsen Testing system.  There was absolutely no slipping of the webbing through the rings.  The teeth of the ladder strap deformed and slipped several teeth within the buckle at just under 500 lbs, but the webbing never slipped.

Dynamic Destructive Testing on the Tactical RMT®

(August 2016)

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